How does it work?

Digital Keyway lets users sign-in with their personal devices, not usernames and passwords. It is an standards based Oauth2 / OpenID Connect service. As such, websites can offload sign-up and log-in handling to Digital Keyway. Users only need to install and register a Digital Keyway client on a supported device. Once registered, that device becomes that persons username and password and signing-in just takes these simple steps:

1. You visit the website you wish to log into using your normal desktop or mobile browser and select the option to sign on with Digital Keyway.

2. Instead of being asked for a username and password, the website will give you a Digital Keyway login code.

3. You then open your Digital Keyway app on your computer or smart device and enter that code. Because you have already registered the Digital Keyway app, the device knows who you are so there is no need to enter a username or password.

4. The Digital keyway app will then display information about the online service that you are signing into, including what personal information that a website requires from them.

5. If everything looks OK, you can approve the sign-in and Digital Keyway service will automatically log the user into that site. You no longer need to type in a password (or any information) to log into your favorite sites