Better security, no passwords

Give your users password-free sign-up and sign-in in 15 minutes with Digital Keyway

Passwords have failed!

Actually, they failed a decade ago but we continue to use them in our modern internet dependent lives. More and more passwords are being stolen by criminals. They are stolen by malware, phishing attacks and data breaches at even the largest online companies. By some reports, there are more than a billion user names and passwords for sale on the black market today. In most cases, the owner of those credentials don't even know that their passwords aren't safe... and won't until someone else starts to use them. So far the solution has been to make passwords harder to break. We suggest removing passwords altogether.


For users
  • No more passwords!
  • Fast and easy sign-up/sign-in to websites
  • One profile for all of your websites
  • Best practices in security built in and automatic

For websites
  • An end to users sharing passwords for paid services
  • No need to store and safeguard user credentials and sensitive profile information

For developers
  • Standard based authentication ( OpenID Connect ) for easy integration.
  • An optional and easy to use API for complete control of the user experience.



  • OpenID connect service access
  • Unlimited user sign-ups and sign-ins
  • Access to a unique ID and verified email address of users who sign into your site (if provided)


  • All of the features from the free plan plus:
  • Access to the more profile data of users who sign-in including their name and profile picture
  • 24/7 priority support


  • All of the features from the Standard plan plus:
  • Access to the full profile data of users who sign-in
  • Access to our secure restful API, giving your full control of the sign-in/sign-up experience
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